Спросите Хэви

привет, friends. Title means "Ask Heavy". Is Russian. Is good!
Now, you ask question? Is how this works, right? Okay, go ask.
Over 200 followers? Thank you! 
Promise will get back to answering more, have just been busy lately. 

Over 200 followers? Thank you! 

Promise will get back to answering more, have just been busy lately. 

Have nothing else in pouch, do not ask again.

Also, so sorry for not answering in while. Have had many battles lately. BLU is getting sneakier.

Is special skill I have. Am keeping it that way. 

At first I was little bit sad could not run so fast and Medic is waiting for me to get to battlefield but then he tell me something. He say that it is nice I cannot run so fast. He is always going here and there to heal other hurt teammate so when he get to me he can catch breath and is not having to be running for a while. Is good!

I think Doktor does not want me to meet. Maybe he is scared I will get attracted because she is lady?

Poor Doktor! I never want woman instead of him.

Have many, many different teas but favorite one is special kind. Is called Peach Momotaro. I am sure most of you little babies would not know what this is, so I tell you now. 

Is special white tea that is ball and when it is put in hot water, flower blooms! Is pretty, but peach is also very good flavor.

I am thinking, “I hope Doktor knows what he is doing.” After I am pretty sure something happen to first heart, I get a little bit wary of what is happen. If had no heart on battlefield, how would stay alive? Is not possible! Of course am little bit worried.
This is before we are very, very close so now of course have faith in Doktor’s skill. Just did not know for sure then.

Sorry, Doktor.

First time was very nervous for both of us. Had been long time for Doktor, and I… am not having so much experience as him. He have to teach me some things and I have to be careful.

But was best feeling in world to be so close to the Doktor I love in way like that. Is big deal to be trusted so much by man like him.

I like that Doktor is smaller than me. Make me feel happy to protect him and can pick him up easy.  

But just because he is not as big, does not mean he is not strong. He is powerful in different way.

You may look, but to touch is only for Doktor.